Hard Seltzer

In early 2020, the term “hard seltzer” began gaining traction in the UK, following its popularity in the USA where several brands had already made a mark in the alcoholic beverage market. Capitalising on this emerging trend, a leading UK drinks company partnered with Graphic Alliance to develop a compelling name, branding, and advertising strategy to introduce hard seltzer to British consumers.

After extensive market research to gauge the demand for hard seltzer, I introduced the name “Aqua Vida,” drawing inspiration from the Latin phrase “aqua vitae,” which translates to “water of life” and reflects the historical roots of alcohol distillation. In addition to crafting initial logo, branding, and can design concepts, I produced comprehensive investment presentation materials to support the project’s launch.

The tagline “Livin’ Aqua Vida Loca,” a playful nod to the popular Ricky Martin song, perfectly encapsulated the vibrant essence of the product. Imagining early advertising concepts, I envisioned dynamic visuals complemented by the photography of Ewan Spencer, aimed at resonating with the target audience.

Unfortunately, the project faced unexpected challenges with the onset of the pandemic a few months later, leading to its eventual postponement.