Kate Bush –
Before The Dawn Tour

Kate Bush is arguably one the UK’s most iconic artists. After a hiatus of 35 years, she returned to performing live with her Before The Dawn Tour in 2014.

Working with Firebrand, Kate Bush and her creative team, I oversaw the merchandise creative. We designed a number of products that reflected Kate’s vision for the show. Including a variety of apparel, a rescue kit and tour programme.

As well as producing the back print, based on the moon cycle on the dates of the tour, I was able to produce more illustrative concepts. Kate had requested the lyrics to the song Nocturn be illustrated inside bird wings. Here is the initial concept within a blackbird. As well as the final chosen pair of wings on the back of the t-shirt. I also worked on a hooded sweatshirt design featuring a fish people design in line with the prop pieces used in the tour performance.