Warm Waves

Music has always been a huge source of inspiration. As an avid record collector, I’ve always been able to find music to suit my mood or spark my interest in digging further. Especially when I find tracks that share the same musical sample.

Over the 12 months of 2018 I embarked on a personal project to put together a series of mixtapes. Releasing one per month under the Warm Waves moniker. Each hour-long mix, covering funk, soul, hip hop, disco, jazz and beyond would contain songs reflective of the mood or change in season of that particular month.

Exploring the down tempo to accompany the cooler January blues, the upbeat during the sun-drenched heights of summer, to the chilled change in seasons as autumn and winter set in. Intended for listening to while you work, unwind or relax. All available to listen via the Warm Waves Mixcloud.

In 2020, while in lockdown, I was able to revisit this project and design album artwork for the mix series. Again, using the mood of the month to inspire a digital collage reflective of the change in seasons.