Tumblr inspiration feed

Does anyone use Tumblr anymore?

It used to be a great resource of creative inspiration. But perhaps posting or re-posting the content on a curated Instagram page is the new normal these days?

I still use it. However instead of scouring favourite Tumblr’s I’ve found myself saving, or ‘harvesting’ new creative inspiration from artist’s and creative’s Instagram pages. After satisfying a slightly OCD tendency to organise the images into inspiration folders of photography, typography, illustration, etc. I let the algorithm’s built via ifttt.com do the rest. They pair my Dropbox and Tumblr and will automatically post new content with the relevant hashtag, saving me the job.

Thanks to a great Tumblr theme by Zen Themes, I recently updated the page so you can navigate to any category of inspiration collected via the top menu. Handy if you’re facing some creative block.